segunda-feira, 10 de agosto de 2009


This weekend i went to Philly
just to check the city out, as a good tourist I am!

First of all, i was supposed to bump into my friend Clara
the reason i decided to go there
Cuz she spent 2 days at my house, here in Vienna
and then she went there, and i thought
"im gonna meet her up there too" and see the city
But she is so messy, that in the end, we didnt see each other there

I arrived in Philly, saturday morning, around 11am, then i went to the visito center and bought a tour to check the famous spots out
Fisrt of all i went to the LOVE park,
and there i bump into a friend that is an au pair there, Juliana
she introduce me to a lot of friends of her, and then i hung out with them

After the love park we went to the Rocky stairs, and after that to a bbq!
in the bbq i put myself in some trouble, lol, but it was ok in the end
after that, me and Ju, went to her friends house, Zaza's, also in a northeast suburb of philly
then i met a bunch of friend of them, almost all brazilians!

they were watching a movie, and me and Ju doing our nails and chatting...
after that we started to get ready to go clubbin, then i bump into my friend Tyler [of course]
and everybody went to the Roxy club,
but of course Tyler and his friend, underage could not get in.

So... Me, Ju, Zaza, Diana and baby face had a great time at the club !!!

and that was it
in the next day i went back home earlier because the weather was nasty
so there were no reason to stay there anymore in the crappy weather!!!

so thats it... i had a such great time there!

4 comentários:

  1. Laaaaa!!!
    Sonhei com vc esses dias! Não lembro direito.. mas vc tinha uma semana pra ficar nos EUA e tava no Brasil conversando cmg pra decidir se qria ou não ir lá ficar essa semana! Eu falava pra vc ir, pq uma semana ia passar rapidinho, pra vc aproveitar, super chance e tals e q dps vc voltava e acabava com a saudade do Brasil! Tipo.. X!! heheh
    Seeee tiver interpretação.. me contaa!!! =)))
    Beijooooo, Laaa!! Adoro seu blog com usas novidades!! huhu!! Saudadesss de vc!!!!

  2. nosssa... eu nao entendi direito o sonho..
    mas com certeza deve ter uma explicacao!

  3. Nossa me empolguei, estava procurando um blog de alguma Au Pair pra ler, li os que sempre leio, entrei no orkut e achei o seu.
    Hahahaahha li o seu blog inteiro, muitas aventuras!
    Adorei e pretendo ler sempre que possível!
    Bjus e boa sorte!


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