segunda-feira, 18 de maio de 2009


This last Saturday 05/16 I went to the Dc 101 Chili Cook off festival!
It was totally awesome!
I was excited to check PUDDLE OF MUDD and PAPA ROACH out. I didn’t give a shit to Offspring, blahhh!!! They were SICK!!!
Me and my friend Jessika went to a pre party at Keith's house, and there we bumped him n Ryan, the Philly boy!
All we 4 aheaded to the metro and after arrived in the Armory station, Keith was gone, like... disappeared at all! Whatever... he’s crazy!
Then we met John, another friend of mine and got in into the festival!
It was crazy, a lot of people!
I was there just bumping a lot of friends, the whole area was there!
So we had a lot of fun, watched the bands rocking and had some beers!
We met a lot of funny people, like a old guy and a woman, and they were seeing each other, like, they were there together, but he started to flirt with me and Jessika and asked to take pictures with us, and worse, he asked to his girl take the picture,it was terrible, and in front of her he was asking my #, like… shut up Obnoxious!I told her to dump him, he is nasty and she is a way cutier than him!!!

After that I decided to rest a little bit, lol, in the grass, and them a couple of crazy girl, I think they are medicine students I don’t know, they came to me, when I was sleeping and started asking a lot of obnoxious questions that I didn’t feel like answering blahhh, I was resting c’mon, leave me alone, so one of them came and checked me out to see if I was breathing and the drunk girls concluded I wasn’t, duh, do they started doing CPR on me, what I must say hurts a lot, and then I was forced to wake up and say that I was ok! It was really funny though!
Anna Belle arrived late but she was there too, mad as always!

Another fun thing that happened is that some obnoxious guys passed across me and my friends and started flirting with us, and then I started to say in Portuguese “Shut up, look to urself, u r fucking ugly!!!” and then they answer me in Portuguese “Thanks!!!” lol, but they didn’t get mad at me, and we laughed a lot, and became friends in the end!!! Brazilians are Brazilian… friendly always!!!
I already learned it, cuz it’s the second time it happened!In the end, everybody that was with us was gone, like… I don’t know we lost everything, i didnt even know who I am, thats ok!Laila, Jessika and Anna belle embraced it tied till the end!!

Last but not least, when I was going back home with Jessika, we lost my car, I swore it was in Vienna station, but after calling Keith, the lost one, he said it was in another station, yeeeeeeeeeeeh, very weird!!!! People are weird!!!!!

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  1. Very nice !!! You had tons of fun!!! Cool!!!

  2. não conheço essas bandas!! legais?!?! vou procurar!
    e ri mtoooo com a parte dos primeiros socorross! hauhuahah!! q doidasss!! mas pq vc esperou elas fazerem o negócio pra dps avisar q tava respirando!?!?! ahuahuahua
    beeeeeijo, Laaaaa!!

  3. I love your blog... I´m starting to follow u!

    ;) bjo

  4. NADJA - Yeah, I had a blast

    Luciana - Entao, maior preguica de falar que eu tava viva quando eu tava dormindo la, breaca, ai a idiota tambem achou que eu nao tava respirando, ai quando ela comecou a fazzer os primeiros socorros, e bater na minha caixa toraxica, fui obrigada a dizer que estava viva nehhhh!!!! Ate porque isso doe horrores!

    Marina - Thanks honey!!!!!!!

  5. huahauahuahauua
    you are crazy

  6. Ahh eu conhecoo a Jessicaaa!!
    Ela me falou de vc e eu te achei aqui e jah te add no meu!


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