quinta-feira, 14 de maio de 2009

Tuesday I had to go to school, NoVa, to do a placement test.
After that old and obnoxious questions like: "what do u like to have for breakfast", "tell me about a holiday party of ur country", "Do u think it’s right to give tip to the people", and stuffs like that, and had to listen to a research about the Russian population that is decreasing [like... I don’t care!], and describe a picture of a bike store [?] and in the end had do to an issue about my FIRST DAY IN THE USA [yeah, this was terrible, like If I were in the second grade!], After all this stuffs, the two ladies who were correcting all this stuffs came to me and said: Congratulations, u did excellent, u had the highest Score, u can enroll yourself in whatever class u want!.. she just completed with “ but u need to practice the words Wisconsin and Post Office” - Maybe this is the reason why nobody understand where I am from! lol
I was happy, cuz the first test I did there, I was placed in the 4th level, what was below the level I had in Wisconsin, which was the 6th level, and I was think “Oh Gosh, after 4 mouths here my English is getting worse”.
But After some speculations we realized I did the wrong test, cuz this fist I did was to American people that just want to enroll in the college, this is the reason I did not so good, duh!
Anywayz, in the end, I could enroll for my psychology class, Criminal behavior Science, and to my English class, the review for the TOFEL!
After all this work, I called my friend Anna Belle, who lives close by, and we decided to go for a happy hour in Old town of Alexandria.
It was hard to find a cool place to go cuz it wasn’t late enough, so we ended up in a bar that I already went, O’Connell, and we had dinner there.
The funny thing, is that when we were walking on the street, Anna Belle and I were talking in Portuguese a lot of bull shits, and suddenly a couple of guys stopped by our side and started talking to us in Portuguese, and Anna Belle had just asked me if they were cute, and I answered in Portuguese “Gosh, they are completely UGLY”...but it’s ok, cuz I don’t think the guys heard cuz they were being very nice to us, whatever… we don’t care! And other funny thing that happened is that we asked to the waiter what could we have for dinner, and he said that we should order a SaLaD!! Like.. “yeah… u two are too fat, must have a salad!” we laughed a lot about it though! it was a good day!

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  1. Hahahahaha !!! Tudo bom????
    Ou melhor... how are you??? I loved your post this time ( I actually have loved the ones before also...)Congrats on the test results


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