sexta-feira, 15 de maio de 2009

U can't Stop me!

I’ve been thinking...
I’m not going to say I’m sad, but definitely I’m having tough days!
Because sometimes is just hard to let things go! Things that don’t even belong to us!
Do u know when u want something even knowing it’s not the best for u, that its not going to make u happy,
But even knowing that u still want!!! This is lame!
So yeah... I decided to be brave and even still wanting to have,
I know we need to be able to let things go when they don’t belong to us.
I believe people are not the owner of people, and when u like someone u should not put strings attached, try to control or something like that, I believe you just should let the person free, free to go, free to come back, cuz if this person really likes you, he/she is going to be with you not because he/she must, not because of the obligation, but because they want!
But for me, this is not the point.
Why get in in a lost battle?!
Why try to fight against someone u can’t win?
Don’t u think it’s not fair!? I think so!
It’s just a waste of time, time of ours short lives, that we should enjoy as much as possible.
Enjoying making the people around us happy, not sad!
It’s terrible to try to force the things to go in the way we wish it goes,
Push people, make them suffer... this is very sad! And in my point of view: WRONG
When something isn’t in the way we wish,
Probably is because it’s just not the better for us, even if we want
Sometimes we want the wrong things, we become blind!
What we want now, is not the same we'll want tomorrow, and maybe we will not have also what we want for tomorrow,
cuz it can be again the wrong thing again.
When the right thing appear, then don’t worry, it’s going to happen!
The right thing in the right time!
Because it can also be a problem, the right thing in a wrong time,
Or the right thing in the right time, but we can’t realize that,
And when we do, it’s too late to have it back! It’s already gone!
God knows what he does, and which way!
This is what I believe!
Let’s stop rushing the things, ok!!??!

or just because its not supose to be ours!

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  1. Good luck with everything and I'm sure better days will come!!!

  2. Concordo com vc, Laila! Deus sempre faz o melhor para nós, embora muitas vezes não percebamos isso logo de cara!

  3. concordo em genrero numero e grau!!!!!!!
    otimo texto lailinha!!!

  4. You learn that you cannot go back in time, so you have to take care of your garden and not wait for someone to bring you flowers.
    And you learn you can really bear it, that you're really strong and that you can go farther than you think, and that life has a value and you have a value before life!
    (william shakespeare)

  5. I love this Shakespeare quote Ka!!!! Very good Pointed!


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