sexta-feira, 10 de julho de 2009


yeah... after 6 months, this came.... the HOMESICK!
i told to my daddy, yesterday on skype:
now i know how long i can be far from home without miss it at all,
and he answered me, u took too long to miss it!!!

Whatever, its not like i wanna go back home, but of course i miss my family,
even being happy here, n I miss my friends, a lot, too!!

All my friends here, or they work too much.... even during the weekend,
or they invite me to go out during the week, what i dont like
or they are dating, or i just dont like them enough to go out... this is lame!!

but well, its ok! i will survive!
I think the problem is im bored, even being just back from NYC
I posted a picture from the Madame Tossauds Museum there,
with the Jonas Brother, band that i dont even know, but who cares!!! lol

I think this weekend is gonna be fun, i will hang out with new friends!
I was invited to go hiking, swimming and this stuffs in great falls,
and at night, go clubbing, but we shall see if im gonna be in the mood for that!

I also need to get ready for my trip to Miami [Woo hooo]

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  1. idasuhdusidhasiuhdsuadh
    as fotos do Madame Tossauds (como fala isso meu Deus!!!) ficaram hilááarias. uidhasiduhsiduhsadiuh

    e quanto a homesick.. sim, vc demorou bastante tempo hein !!
    e o tempo passa rapido tb neh

  2. OIeEe...

    Então! Em uma das minhas viagens por Blogs de Au Pair achei o seu!!!

    E adorei!! Super bom quando achamos experiências que estão dando certo!!!

    E na verdade, quero uma família com um Bebê também!!!!

    Vou em Janeiro de 2010!!

    Te add no MSN pra trocarmos algumas experiências... Pode ser?!

    Tudo de bom pra tiIiIii guria!!!!



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