segunda-feira, 13 de julho de 2009

This last weekend 10-12/07

Hey Volks,
Im pretty much better from the HOMESICK, lol
i just needed to talk to my daddy twice on skype and it's all good now!
I finally went to hang out with Danielle,
and also with another friend of mine, Kory
his neighboor were supposed to go too, but he bailed on us!
thats ok!
we had a great time in Fairfax tho!
I woke up with my friend Roseana knocking on my door,
she came from Staford to spend the weekend with me
First of all, we went hiking with Corey and his friends in Great Falls,
it was a BLAST,
I had several injuries, i fell in the rocks,
my legs are still hurting but we swam a lot, climbed rocks, laugh n talked a lot.
It was really cool.
And of course, we took a bunch of great pics!
you guys gotta see the Corey's pics one, freakin awesome!
actully this one there posted is one that he tooked!
then , at night, we had many invitation to go out,
the phone was poping up
but i didnt want to take a risk and take Rose to a lame spot
cuz it was her first time to go clubbin
so I took her to a safe one place.... GEORGETOWN
i love there!
we went to Third Edition, and we had a lot of luck there!!!
We didnt needed to pay to get in, cuz the security guy ... his mom were from Cabo Verde, so he knew how to speak portuguese, and just got along with us... lol..
We met a bunch of people, many of them brazilian, and we danced a lot.
I was another blast!!
Sunday: we chilled a lot, woke up late
we were supposed to hang out with my friend Jimmy,
that actually i met not this, but the time before I went to third Edition,
but we faked on him, cuz we were tired,
so we just went to the mall, and hung out there... it was cool
we had lunch, went shopping and then, went back home and Rose left!
So my weekend was awesome! Woo Hoo!!!

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